Top 10 Reasons for Accidents in Missouri in January 2014

Feb 16, 2014

Not surprisingly, speeding is the #1 reason for accidents in Missouri so far in 2014. Distracted driving is also not a surprise and it #4 on this list. As cars continue to get more technologically advanced, do you think this will increase the number of distracted driving accidents or decrease them? For example, the Tesla…
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Missouri Accident Statistics

Feb 16, 2014

Missouri Accidents in 2013 by Accident Type Missouri Accidents in 2013 by Weather Condition Accidents Involving Alcohol in 2013 Most Common Causes of Accidents in 2014 Accidents Involving Cell Phones Accident Statistics 2002-2011

State of Missouri Accidents in 2014

Feb 4, 2014

Above is a map representing accidents in January 2014 in Missouri. From this visualization, we can see where the “hot spots” are for accidents that have occurred.