Kansas City C-Section Injury Lawyer

Surgeons who perform C-sections have a duty to uphold the appropriate standard of care for their patients. When they fail to meet this obligation, a Kansas City C-section injury lawyer at Dickerson Oxton, LLC can help you hold them accountable for the damages they cause. Doctors who perform childbirth procedures have a moral and professional obligation to do no harm to patients.

Every childbirth procedure is unique, and while some mothers can deliver their babies vaginally, others require alternative methods. Cesarean section procedures are very common for mothers with anatomical difficulties, illnesses, disabilities, and other medical conditions that make traditional childbirth too risky.

Why Do C-Section Injuries Happen?

A Cesarean section procedure can be exactly what a situation demands, but doctors must resort to this option only when appropriate and execute it carefully. Examples of when a doctor may recommend a Cesarean section delivery include:

  • Problems with a baby’s umbilical cord, such as it wrapping around the baby’s neck
  • Fetal distress
  • Large babies who are too big to fit through the birth canal
  • Mothers who have medical conditions preventing vaginal delivery
  • Birth canal irregularities
  • Position of the baby in the womb prevents vaginal delivery
  • Pregnancies involving more than one baby

If a doctor inappropriately moves a patient toward a Cesarean section delivery without just cause, he or she is committing medical malpractice and the patient should speak with a Kansas City medical malpractice attorney as soon as possible. C-section procedures are surgeries and therefore more expensive to perform, tempting some doctors to suggest them without any medical need.

During a Cesarean section surgery, the surgeon may injure the mother’s internal organs, cause traumatic bleeding, or make any number of possible mistakes that cause injury to the baby, the mother, or both. Mishandling the baby or exerting too much pressure with surgical instruments can cause nerve damage, bone fractures, paralysis, facial disfigurement, bleeding, and other injuries. Some birth injuries lead to long-term difficulties including developmental delays, brain damage, and permanent disabilities.

Suing for a C-Section Injury

Cesarean secion operations pose several additional risks to mothers and their babies, and doctors should choose this method only if the situation truly warrants it. Doctors who impose the added risks of Cesarean deliveries on patients are violating the standard of care due to their patients. Performing a C-section procedure on a patient who does not need it or failing to perform the procedure up to an acceptable standard of care will lead to liability for medical malpractice. If either of these scenarios apply to you or a loved one, consult a compassionate Kansas City C-section injury lawyer at Dickerson Oxton, LLC.

A plaintiff in a medical malpractice case must prove several elements of negligence to succeed with a lawsuit. The plaintiff must prove that an official patient-doctor relationship existed between the defendant and the plaintiff. The plaintiff must also prove that the defendant was negligent in some way that directly caused injury to the plaintiff. Finally, the plaintiff must prove the extent of the damage caused by the defendant’s actions, and that they are “more likely than not” the results of those actions and not some other cause.

Find the Right Legal Counsel

The right Kansas City C-section injury lawyer will make a tremendous difference in the outcome of a C-section injury case. Parents who have experienced such injuries can sue for damages such as additional medical expenses, pain and suffering, traumatic injuries to their newborn, and compensation for permanent disabilities resulting from negligence. Dickerson Oxton, LLC provides clients in the Kansas City, MO, area with comprehensive legal representation in medical malpractice claims.

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