Self-Driving Automobiles & Road Safety in Missouri

Nov 16, 2021

Self-driving vehicles were created for many reasons, including to improve traffic safety. The technology behind autonomous cars has not yet been perfected, however, and is subject to malfunctions. Negligence by human operators can also contribute to self-driving automobile accidents. Use these tips to keep yourself safe if you choose to purchase an automobile with autonomous…
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Who Is Responsible for Auto Accidents Caused By Road Debris?

Nov 1, 2021

Drivers might be the most dangerous thing on the road, but driver error is not the only cause of car accidents in Kansas City. Some vehicle collisions are caused by roadway conditions, such as debris left in the road. This type of accident can make the claims process difficult for an injured motor vehicle driver….
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How Do Injured Victims Get Paid After an Auto Accident?

Aug 3, 2021

Auto accidents can cause serious physical and emotional injuries, with expensive related health care costs. They also come with property damage and financial losses such as lost income. In Missouri, the car insurance system allows injured victims to seek financial compensation for their injuries and losses from the at-fault party. Understanding how victims get paid…
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