What is Patient Abandonment and is it Malpractice?

Apr 18, 2016

The phrase “patient abandonment” sounds like an oxymoron. As patients, we’ve trusted our care to the hands of professionals since we were born. Checking into a health care facility, we have a right to assume we will be cared for by well-trained, attentive staff members whose job is to ensure our safety. Sadly, this isn’t…
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When Can a Patient Sue a Hospital for Negligence?

Apr 11, 2016

While any injuries sustained, worsened, or not improved within a hospital are cause for concern, there are stipulations regarding what does and does not constitute medical malpractice due to negligence. Understanding whether your case fits the description of medical malpractice can help you decide if you want to pursue a lawsuit for compensation and help…
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If a Doctor Prescribes the Wrong Medication, is it Malpractice?

Apr 4, 2016

You trust your doctor with your life and rightly so – it is a doctor’s duty to do what’s in your best interest and look out for your wellbeing while you’re in his or her care. That’s why when you or a loved one is injured or killed due to medical malpractice, the ensuing legal…
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