Defective Hip Implant Lawsuits

The Dickerson Oxton Law Firm is investigating lawsuits concerning faulty hip replacement devices from several manufacturers. If you or a loved one suffered injuries or required corrective surgery after a hip replacement procedure, contact our firm as soon as possible to discuss your legal options.

Why Work With Dickerson Oxton?

  • The attorneys at the Dickerson Oxton Law Firm have a firm client-focused philosophy when it comes to legal representation. We understand how devastating a medical device injury can be, and we work diligently to maximize each client’s recovery after such incidents and hold the responsible parties accountable.
  • Our firm’s success rate is over 98%, thanks to our experience, resources, and tenacity in court. We conduct thorough investigations for every case to provide each client with the most complete representation possible.
  • We operate on a contingency fee billing structure. This means our clients pay nothing in legal fees unless we win their cases.

Why Do I Need an Attorney?

If you suffered injuries and other damages from a faulty hip replacement device, you may believe that your claim is straightforward, but many factors can complicate even the most clear-cut cases. A hip replacement lawsuit will typically target the device manufacturer, and medical device companies such as Johnson & Johnson have powerful in-house legal staffs and virtually limitless resources. It is unlikely that the average person could succeed with a faulty medical device claim without professional legal assistance.

Class Action Lawsuits for Faulty Hip Replacement Devices

Some people who have suffered injuries from faulty hip replacement devices have joined class action lawsuits. These large-scale legal efforts involve many plaintiffs with similar damages against a single defendant. Currently, Johnson & Johnson faces more than 12,000 active lawsuits for its DePuy hip replacement systems and thousands more against Smith & Nephew, Stryker, and Biomet for various known defects in their hip replacement devices and products.

Joining a class action lawsuit offers some benefits as well as some drawbacks. It is generally easy to join as a plaintiff and doing so can dramatically cut the cost of individual legal fees. However, these lawsuits also lead to less compensation per plaintiff than they could have likely earned with individual claims. It is ultimately up to each person to decide if the time and legal fee savings are worth the trade-off for a lower payout.

Possible Damages in a Hip Replacement Lawsuit

If you or a loved one had any type of hip replacement surgery with a device known to have defects, it is likely that the device could have caused severe pain, infections, deep vein thrombosis, nerve paralysis, dislocation, and a host of other possible medical complications.

A successful product liability claim against a faulty hip replacement device manufacturer could yield compensation for your medical expenses, pain and suffering, lost income, and any other damages resulting from the faulty device. The amount of compensation a plaintiff can receive from a successful lawsuit depends on the severity of the damages sustained, the type of damages, and potential long-term complications and medical needs resulting from the faulty hip replacement.

Find Legal Representation Today

If you are wondering whether to file an individual claim or join a class action lawsuit already in progress, it is important to know the benefits and drawbacks of either choice. The attorneys at Dickerson Oxton Law Firm in Kansas City, Missouri, understand the devastating toll a faulty hip replacement device can take on a person, and we are available to discuss your legal options with you.

Contact our firm today to schedule a free consultation with one of our attorneys. Once we know the details of your situation, we can let you know whether an individual claim or joining a class action suit would be in your best interests.