Talcum Powder Lawsuits

Talcum powder has been a household item for decades. Used in baby powder products and cosmetic applications, talcum powder is a staple for many families. Yet trace amounts of dangerous asbestos in talcum powder products may cause serious and even fatal health effects in consumers – especially ovarian cancer.

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What Is Talcum Powder? What Are the Issues?

Talcum powder is generally safe for consumer use – except when it contains trace amounts of asbestos, a group of naturally occurring minerals that are toxic to ingest. Microscopic asbestos particles can lodge in the lungs, ovaries, or other body tissues during exposure, where they irritate the area and can eventually form cancerous tumors (e.g., mesothelioma).

Since talc mines and asbestos mines are often close to one another, asbestos contamination is possible in talcum powder products, even though the U.S. has banned the use of asbestos in consumer products. Talcum powder lawsuits have alleged that the manufacturer of these products – mainly Johnson & Johnson – failed to properly test products for asbestos, as well as failed to warn consumers of known potential risks of use.

Plaintiffs are alleging that Johnson & Johnson marketed its baby powder products for use by women (particularly African-American women) for hygiene purposes, such as to absorb moisture and prevent chafing between the thighs. For years, women used the products in this way, only to develop asbestos-related diseases later in life.

Potential Compensation Options

In 2018, a Missouri jury set damages for 22 women at $4.69 billion from Johnson & Johnson for ovarian cancer allegedly stemming from the use of the company’s baby powder products between the legs. Thousands of other women have filed similar complaints against talcum powder producers, although medical researchers are still trying to pinpoint the link between these products and cancer. Currently, almost 11,000 pending lawsuits exist regarding talcum powder and cancer development.

If your talcum powder case is successful, you could receive financial compensation for your medical expenses, past and future pain and suffering, lost income, lost enjoyment or quality of life, wrongful death damages, punitive damages, legal fees, and more. The exact value of your case will depend on the damages you suffered due to contaminated talcum powder. Working with an attorney can help you understand the potential worth of your personal injury claim.

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