• ...smart, innovative and committed work from beginning to end.

    “During a difficult and challenging time, I was fortunate enough to have found Tom and Chelsea who served as a solid foundation and a light of hope in my life. They not only provided a genuine and empathetic concern for me and my needs as a client; but smart, innovative and committed work from beginning to end. Saying thank you would never be enough to show my gratitude for the difference they have made in my life.”

    Kate H.
  • Very open and honest...

    “Everyone involved exceeded the scope of what their responsibilities to clients should have been. Very open and honest, a degree of integrity exemplified by the firm’s actions. Thank you!”

    Leroy C.
  • ...worked hard to reach a settlement.

    “When I met with Chelsea, she was very encouraging. I had been denied by a previous lawyer. Chelsea was willing to help me. I was kept up at all times on what the status of my case was. Chelsea worked hard to reach a settlement.”

    Helen K.
  • ...tough attorneys that will stand up and fight for what is right.

    “Tom and Chelsea Dickerson took on a big insurance company when they took my case. It was a true David & Goliath story. The insurance company fought us every step of the way for over a year and hired a large law firm to do it. Tom and Chelsea took on the insurance company’s big league attorneys and beat them at trial. They did a great job, and I would not hesitate to recommend them to anyone who needs tough attorneys that will stand up and fight for what is right.”

    Al S.
  • ...a passion for what they do and truly care for the clients they represent.

    “I chose the Dickerson Oxton Law Firm because out of 25 attorneys that my daughter contacted, Tom Dickerson is the ONLY one who offered to come to MY home for a consultation. It was over 100 miles round trip. Also, all of those who work for the firm are so helpful and quick to return phone calls for questions I have. I believe the Dickerson Oxton Law Firm goes out of their way to ensure the best legal representation possible in the entire Kansas City and surrounding area.

    The Dickerson Oxton Law Firm are so family oriented and and have gone out of their way to help me in the 3 years I have known them. They keep me updated on my case and even care enough to call just to see how I am doing. I know personally everyone at the Dickerson Oxton Law Firm has a passion for what they do and truly care for the clients they represent and the work they do. Their goal for me has been to seek the justice I am entitled to and I thank them from the bottom of my heart for all that they have done. I DO know I would not have the peace of mind that I have today if it wasn’t for the Dickerson Oxton Law Firm.

    I would recommend The Dickerson Oxton Law Firm to ANYONE who needs an attorney. I was blessed to have them assume the role of being my voice. I would be happy to speak with anyone who would like a personal testimony. My daughter recently hired them for a case of her own recently because she told me that she trusts them so much.”

    Doris B.
  • Their work was excellent.

    “Chelsea was in touch with me during the procedure to settle the case. I knew I was in good hands! Their work was excellent.”

    Marian C.
  • ...brought everything to a successful conclusion.

    “This was my first experience with an attorney. I can only say I was satisfied with my case. You worked with all parties involved and brought everything to a successful conclusion.”

    Audrey R.

The attorneys at Dickerson Oxton remain committed to exceptional client service during the coronavirus pandemic. Please contact us today. We are working remotely. If we are unable to connect immediately, we will respond at our earliest opportunity.