Ashley E. Billam

Ashley E. Billam became a lawyer to fight for the little guy. She is fortunate to be able to do that every day as a personal injury attorney at Dickerson Oxton.

Ashley is particularly committed to pursuing justice for people who are injured by medical negligence. As a patient with a chronic illness herself, she knows how important good medical care is and how devastating inadequate care can be. She hopes to not only achieve justice for her clients, but to spur medical facilities and professionals to change their practices and provide better, more careful care in the future. Most importantly, she strives to obtain compensation for her clients that will allow them to support themselves and get the future medical care they often need.


Ashley attended the University of Kansas School of Law. During law school, she excelled in moot court competitions, wrote and edited for the Kansas Law Review, worked in the school’s legal aid clinic, and interned for a federal judge.

Prior to law school, she earned degrees in Journalism and French. Between her undergraduate work and law school, she worked as a copy editor and then a paralegal at a Kansas City personal injury law firm. She greater enjoyed her work as a paralegal, but wanted to play a larger role in the fight to obtain justice for her clients.