Is it Legal to Drive With Headphones in Missouri?

Aug 3, 2021

Although driving with headphones can be dangerous, it is not against the law in Missouri. If the headphones distract a driver from the driving task or otherwise impair the ability to drive safely, however, they can get the driver into trouble. Learn what the law says so that you fully understand your rights and responsibilities…
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Are Fireworks Legal in Kansas City, Missouri?

Jun 25, 2021

Although widely used to celebrate holidays such as the Fourth of July and New Year’s Eve, fireworks are dangerous to the average consumer. The injury and fire hazards they present have led to many cities banning their use. Fireworks are legal in Missouri, but not in Kansas City. If you wish to see fireworks in…
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Civil Suit FAQs

Jun 1, 2021

There are two types of cases in the justice system: criminal and civil. While a criminal case aims to convict someone of a crime and issue punishment, a civil case is meant to compensate a victim for the injuries and losses he or she suffered in an accident. You may have grounds to file a…
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