Blind Spots to Avoid When Passing Semi-Trucks

Mar 3, 2023

Semi-trucks have many traits that make them more dangerous than other motor vehicles. The large size and weight mean that they can cause significant damage to smaller vehicles in commercial truck accidents. Another safety hazard is their large blind spots, caused by the length of their trailers. These blind spots create dangerous gaps in a…
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What You Need to Know About Getting Your Truck Serviced

Nov 28, 2022

Large trucks differ from standard passenger vehicles in many ways. They frequently travel long distances, carry heavy loads and require special parts, such as air brake systems. These elements make it more important for trucking companies to properly inspect, maintain and service their trucks. A lapse in regular maintenance checks can lead to one or…
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Truck Accidents & Lost Cargo

Nov 1, 2021

Every year, commercial truck accidents send thousands of victims to hospitals. Unfortunately, many of these victims will never recover. One type of truck accident often reported in Kansas City is a lost cargo load accident. Large trucks carry tens of thousands of pounds worth of cargo. If the straps, tiedowns or doors of a trailer…
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