Medication Errors

Oct 21, 2014

Medications can cure infectious diseases, prevent issues from chronic diseases, and minimize pain. On the other hand medications can also result in harmful reactions if not used correctly. Errors can happen in the hospital, at the doctor’s office, at the pharmacy, or at home. Adverse drug events (ADEs) are described as any injuries that are a result from taking a…
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Missouri Motor Vehicle Accidents by County in 2013

Mar 3, 2014

Total Motor Vehicle Accidents for the State of Missouri: 431,769 1. St Louis County – 121,933 (includes St Louis city) 2. Jackson County – 61,402 3. Greene County – 24,700 4. St Charles – 22,412 5. Clay – 14,889 The number one cause of car accidents in Missouri is speeding. The Missouri Department of Transportation(MoDOT)…
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Top 10 Reasons for Accidents in Missouri in January 2014

Feb 16, 2014

Not surprisingly, speeding is the #1 reason for accidents in Missouri so far in 2014. Distracted driving is also not a surprise and it #4 on this list. As cars continue to get more technologically advanced, do you think this will increase the number of distracted driving accident injuries or decrease them? For example, the…
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