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Many assume the fault in rear-end accidents is obvious, but that’s not always the case. Speak with a Kansas City rear-end accident attorney if you or a loved one recently suffered harm in a rear-end collision. Depending on the circumstances, you may be able to recover damages for your injuries, pain, suffering, and loss in life quality. The lawyers at Dickerson Oxton, LLC have been helping Kansas City families gain compensation for another party’s negligence for decades. If you believe someone else may be legally liable for your rear-end accident, contact us to schedule a free initial consultation as soon as possible.


According to data from the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration, one in three car accidents are rear-end collisions. While the nature of this accident is synonymous with the term “fender bender,” they can lead to serious and debilitating injuries.

Causes of Rear-End Accidents in Kansas City, MO

Determining fault in a rear-end accident is less complex than other car accident cases. In the case of a rear-end collision, the driver who rear-ends the other is almost always at fault. Consider the following rear-ending accident scenarios:


Scenario 1:

Driver A is driving in front of Driver B and slams on his or her brakes when a child unexpectedly chases a ball into the street. While the child’s movement was unexpected, Driver B would still likely be at fault for the accident because he or she did not maintain a safe following distance that would have allowed him or her enough space to safely brake in time without causing the collision. Drivers have a responsibility to keep a safe distance between their vehicles and others at all times.

Scenario 2:

Drivers A and B are driving down a dirt road. Driver A is kicking up a lot of dust, and Driver B is following closely, which obscures his or her vision. Driver A stops at a stop sign, but since Driver B cannot see properly, he or she plows into Driver A. In this case, Driver B would also be at fault for the accident for failing to drive reasonably for ambient road conditions.

Scenario 3:

Driver A is driving in front of Driver B and puts his or her blinker on to switch lanes. Anticipating the switch, Driver B speeds up, but Driver A changes his or her mind and swerves back into the lane, leading to a crash. Even in this scenario, it’s likely that Driver B will have the majority of responsibility for the crash since he or she did not assure a safe distance.

To discuss the specifics of your case or to have any questions answered regarding liability, consult a skilled car accident lawyer in Kansas City.


The Dangers of Rear-End Collisions

Being rear-ended can lead to serious injuries like whiplash, traumatic brain injury, ejection from a vehicle, and seat back failure. Seat back failures occur when the impact of a rear-end collision leads to a collapse of the front seat, leading to injuries to the backseat passengers. This can be especially dangerous for children, who bear the impact of the seat and the front passenger in a crash. Seat back failures have led to fatalities and permanently disabling injuries requiring a lifetime of care.

Hire a Kansas City Rear-End Accident Lawyer If You’ve Been Injured

Victims of rear-end collisions can suffer from serious and life-altering injuries. Some may require long-term care and permanent accommodations to their home or vehicle. A personal injury attorney in Kansas City, MO can help your family gain compensation from any damages that may arise from your car accident, including:


  • Current and future medical expenses
  • Any loss in earning capacity or lost wages
  • Intangible losses such as loss in life quality, pain, and suffering

After an accident with a negligent driver, you need the help of an experienced and reliable attorney. Submit a contact form or call us for a free consultation. Learn more about our contingency-fee legal services today.

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