Best Motorcycle Rides in Missouri

With spring around the corner, there is no better time to hit the open road on your motorcycle in Missouri. Missouri has beautiful rural and urban routes for motorcyclists to enjoy, with a smorgasbord of sprawling country roads, rolling hills, and stretches of natural scenery. Missouri is a popular state for residential and out-of-state motorcyclists, with attractions such as famous wineries, quaint villages and antique stores, plenty of camping opportunities, and major cities like Kansas City and St. Louis to ride through. If you’re looking for the best motorcycle rides in The Show Me State, here’s your comprehensive guide.

Blue River Road

Famous for its stunning views of Missouri’s Blue River, Blue River Road is a perfect blend of rural and urban. The road runs through metropolitan Kansas City, from Blue Ridge Boulevard and through Swope Park. Swope Park is a Kansas City staple, with lots of tourist attractions and things for motorcyclists to enjoy. Swope Park is a 1,805-acre plot of land with museums, community gardens, nature centers, golf courses, dog parks, pools, theaters, and the Kansas City Zoo. Blue River Road isn’t a long ride, but it’s replete with gorgeous views and plenty to do.

Ozark Hill Country

As majestic and breathtaking as its name implies, Ozark Hill Country offers stunning motorcycle rides with rhythmic curves and plenty of hills. One ride, called Old School on the Hill, starts from around Linn, Missouri, at the intersection of Highways 50 and 100. Travel north until you see a stop sign about 5.4 miles south of Luystown. Continue riding through rolling hills and you will soon see the river flats and amazing views of the meandering Missouri River.

Highway 100 takes you through beautiful mild hill country with lush tree lines, outstanding views from the hilltops, and fun rides below rock cliffs and into Missouri River flats. The road quality is relatively smooth with minimal traffic. When you approach Old School on the Hill, be careful going up the hill and pay attention for loose gravel. This ride isn’t very long, but it offers some of the best views for a leisurely ride by the River.


Rolla-Salem Loop

This is a longer trip for motorcyclists who want an all-day affair in MO. This loop takes you past Old Route 66, rivers, bluffs, sweeping curves, rolling hills, and the Mark Twain National Forest. Begin at Kingshighway in Rolla, MO. Head west and enter the South Outer Road, or Old Route 66, that follows the interstate. Continue to Doolittle, MO, here you will come to a stop sign. Head left down T-HWY into Newburg. You will cross a river and enter into about 13 miles of curves and tight turns into the National Forest. Continue through Edgar Springs, turning left onto H-HWY at the flashing light. There are a few bluffs, twists, and turns, with 20 miles of rolling hills and farmland.

H-HWY ends in Salem, MO, where you can turn right onto Highway 72. Make a left at the stop sign for 72/32-Highway and then turn left onto 19-HWY. After a few miles through the old town, turn onto 68-HWY on our left. Ride for about 35 miles before turning left toward Saint James, MO. Turn left again before you cross over the railroad tracks, onto W. Washington ST/BB-HWY. This highway is full of sharp turns, presenting a wild 10-mile ride back to Rolla. This loop will give you some of the best scenery mid-Missouri has to offer. Amenities are good, with places to stop, rest, and eat about every 20 miles.

No matter where you decide to bike as the weather warms up, do so safely. Always wear a helmet and make sure you are an experienced enough rider to tackle the terrain of Missouri’s most famous motorcycle rides.

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