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If you experienced a burn injury, contact a compassionate Kansas City burn injury attorneys at Dickerson Oxton, LLC to help in the event you or a loved one sustains a burn injury from an accident.  Arguably one of the most horrific things a human being can experience is a burn injury.


Victims of burn injuries often endure immense physical scarring. Tragically, the bodily destruction associated with burns can also cause severe psychological trauma and last a lifetime. On most occasions, specialists must be called in to assess and medical treatment. Many injury victims require skin grafts or reconstructive surgery and must be treated in specific burn injury facilities. In addition to the pain and suffering that burn injury victims incur, the financial burden of medical costs can be enormous.


Consult a Burn Injury Lawyer in Kansas City, MO

At Dickerson Oxton, LLC, your initial consultation with our burn injury attorney is always free of charge. When our Kansas City personal injury attorneys do accept cases, we operate on a contingent fee basis. We choose to operate this way for the sole benefit of our clients; if we don’t win your case, you won’t pay anything.


With over a decade of combined litigation experience, the Kansas City burn injury lawyers at our firm have the knowledge needed to help you with your case. We handle burn injury cases in Kansas City, MO as well as all throughout the states of Missouri and Kansas. If you have any questions regarding your legal options after experiencing a burn injury, please call or contact us today.

Seek Justice for Burn Injuries in Missouri

If you or someone close to you has been the victim of a burn injury, contact a knowledgeable Kansas City injury lawyer at Dickerson Oxton, LLC today. Our attorneys offer client-specific strategies to help make your case a success. We realize that living with these types of injuries is life changing and often an uphill battle. Our goal is to recover financial compensation for our injured clients in order to assist them during this difficult time.


You can reach one of our seasoned burn injury lawyers in Kansas City at (913) 428-8220. Alternatively, you can fill out our free consultation form on our website and we will get back to you promptly.


As a smaller law firm, we are directly available to our clients and handle all cases with the utmost compassion. Our larger competitors route calls through paralegals and assistants while our accident and injury attorneys are always directly available for questions or concerns. This client-first mentality enables us to individually connect with each victim and understand how they are suffering in order to assess their case. The Kansas City, MO law firm of Dickerson Oxton, LLC is dedicated to a personal approach to compassionate representation.

Types of Burn Cases Our Lawyers Handle


Classically, burn injuries fall into one of three general categories. These categories define the extent of a given burn and describe the types of tissue damage caused.


First Degree Burns


The least severe type of burn injuries, first degree burns affect the outermost part of the skin or epidermis. Typically they appear to be red, dry, and painful. Most first degree burns resolve in about a week.


Second Degree Burns


More severe than first degree, second degree burns affect deeper tissue. These burns can extend deep into the dermis and present with significant pain along with red and white blisters. Some second degree burns are also accompanied by bleeding. Scarring and local infections are also present with second degree burn injuries. Skin grafting is occasionally performed to assist in the healing process and help reconstruct a victim’s appearance. Severe second degree burns can, over time, turn into third degree burns.


Third Degree Burns


The most traumatic of any burn type, third degree burns extend through the entire dermis and even into the underlying bone and connective tissue. Skin exposed to severe burns may appear to be leathery and dry. Third degree burns often do not hurt in themselves because the nerves in the immediate vicinity are destroyed. Second degree and first degree burns can manifest on the edges of a third degree burn and cause severe pain. These types of burns can require skin grafts and even amputation.


Sources of Burn Injuries to Seek Compensation For


The Center for Disease Control estimates that once every 31 minutes, someone in the United States acquires a burn injury. Numerous factors, many common in day to day life, have the potential to cause burn injuries in Kansas City. Typical sources of burn injuries are:


  • Hot liquids which scald
  • Auto accidents
  • Chemical exposure to acids, bases, and corrosives
  • Kitchen appliances and fireplaces
  • Tanning booths
  • Electrical lines

After any type of accident that gives you a burn injury, contact our lawyers for a free consultation about your legal options. Dickerson Oxton, LLC can review your case and let you know if you have grounds to bring a claim against a defendant in Kansas City.


How Can Burn Injuries Impact My Life?


A burn injury can easily meet the definition of a catastrophic injury. Catastrophic injuries are those that cause disabilities, disfigurements, permanent scars, losses of limb and losses of bodily functions. A third-degree burn injury could impact a victim seriously enough to cause long-term or lifelong damages. At Dickerson Oxton, LLC, we work hard to obtain clients the results they require for life-altering burn injuries. We understand how a burn injury could impact your life now and in the future.


  • Physical challenges. A burn injury can significantly damage or permanently destroy the tissues and muscles in your body. This can result in scarring, disfigurement, chronic pain, nerve damage and permanent disabilities. Some burn injury survivors recover from their health complications while others experience permanent symptoms.
  • Emotional trauma. Burn accidents can be highly traumatic for survivors. You may experience post-traumatic stress disorder, nightmares, flashbacks, anxiety, lost quality of life, emotional distress and other psychological damages. They may go away on their own or you may need mental health counseling for treatment.
  • Financial burden. A burn injury can cost tens of thousands of dollars in medical bills, surgeries, therapies, rehabilitation, medications, painkillers, medical devices, live-in care and disability accommodations. It could also cost you a significant amount in lost wages if you have to temporarily miss work, find a new job or retire early.

Although a severe burn may affect you for life, a successful burn injury lawsuit could provide compensation for all of these damages and more. The defendant may owe you significant compensation for your past and future economic and non-economic damages. While a lawsuit cannot reverse the damages you have from your severe burn injuries, it could give you the money you and your family need to finally move forward.


How Much Is My Burn Injury Claim Worth?

Every burn injury claim in Kansas City is unique. One client’s case results can be much different than another client’s. It is impossible to calculate an average burn injury claim settlement that will be accurate for any given client. It is possible, however, to obtain a reasonable case value estimate with help from a burn accident attorney. Our lawyers can review your specific claim and the losses related to your burn injury accident to help you understand its potential value. Then, we can fight for maximum compensation on your behalf.


  • Medical expenses. All the health care costs necessary for treating your burn injuries and continuing your care.
  • Past and future lost wages. Any income you gave up while in the burn recovery unit, as well as any future lost capacity to earn from a disability.
  • Pain and suffering. Your emotional and psychological losses, as well as an amount for the physical pain you suffered.
  • Punitive damages. An award a judge may offer in addition to your compensatory damages if the defendant’s actions were malicious, intentional, fraudulent or grossly negligent.

You may also be able to recover for property damages and loss of consortium. One study found the mean cost of a burn injury was around $15,000. The mean total for a flame burn was $16,000, while an electric burn costs a mean total of $24,000. The value of your burn injury claim will depend largely on the severity of your burn injuries. For the most part, claimants with severe third-degree burns and life-changing losses will receive greater compensation than those with minor burn injuries. Other factors at work can include your age, income, job history, point of maximum medical improvement and the defendant’s tort. The lawyers at Dickerson Oxton, LLC know how to maximize case results using proven case strategies and aggressive negotiations.


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Burn injuries caused by the negligence of others can be grounds for a burn injury claim. For example, if an electrician improperly installs a smoke detector and the structure catches fire injuring someone, then they can be held liable. A negligent driver causing an automobile accident wherein a car catches fire, resulting in a burn injury, can be held responsible. Creators and distributors of faulty products, such as water heaters and fireworks, can be sought after for compensation for injuries they cause with the help of a faulty products injury attorney.


In any event, an experienced Kansas City burn injury attorney can help recoup expensive medical bills and can provide legal advice and options for your unique circumstances. Call us at (816) 268-1960 or reach out to us through our online contact form.

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