Kansas City Car Accident Statistics

Kansas City car accident statisticsAs the largest city in Missouri with more than 508,000 residents, it’s no surprise that Kansas City has more car accidents and other types of crashes than any other city in the state. Still, Kansas City often has a disproportionate number of certain crashes, including fatal crashes caused by drunk or distracted drivers

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How Dickerson Oxton, LLC Can Help You After a Car Accident in Kansas City, MO

How Dickerson Oxton, LLC Can Help You After a Car Accident in Kansas City, MOA serious car accident can leave you unable to work with mounting medical bills, not to mention a painful recovery and uncertainty about your future. If you have been hurt in an accident, an experienced Kansas City personal injury lawyer can help you seek the fair compensation you deserve. 


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How Common Are Car Accidents in Kansas City?

According to the Missouri State Highway Patrol, there were 127,485 crashes in Missouri in 2022. This includes 878 fatal crashes that killed 964 people and 31,599 accidents that caused 45,456 injuries. 

In Kansas City, there were 14,807 traffic accidents. Most of these accidents caused only property damage, but there were 77 fatal crashes in 2022 that killed 81 people. There were 4,478 crashes with injuries to 6,589 people. 

Kansas City had more accidents and more fatalities than any other city in Missouri. In St. Louis, there were 68 fatal crashes in 2022 for comparison.


What Causes Kansas City Car Accidents?

The Statewide Traffic Accident Records System (STARS) tracks Missouri car accidents and compiles statistics on specific characteristics. Three common causes of accidents in Missouri tracked by STARS include: 

  • Distracted driving: 15,059 accidents and 80 fatal crashes (86 fatalities)
  • Aggressive driving: 7,939 accidents and 42 fatal crashes (46 fatalities)
  • Speeding: 1,590 accidents and 27 fatal crashes (31 fatalities)
  • Drugged or drunk driving: 494 accidents and 8 fatal crashes (8 fatalities)

Distracted driving is one of the most common underlying factors in accidents in Kansas City and throughout the state. Texting or talking on a cell phone is a common distraction, but other passengers in the vehicle, eating or drinking, and using a navigation device are also common.

Other major contributing circumstances in Missouri accidents in 2022 included: 

  • Improper lane use or lane change: 182 fatal crashes
  • Failure to yield: 160 fatal accidents
  • Wrong side driving: 84 fatal accidents
  • Overcorrecting: 55 fatal accidents
  • Violating a traffic sign or signal: 48 fatal accidents 
  • Following too closely: 27 fatal crashes
  • Fatigued driving: 8 fatal accidents

Across the state, speeding was the single most common cause of car accidents. Exceeding the speed limit was a major factor in 144 fatal accidents. Driving too fast for conditions contributed to 158 fatal crashes. 

Young drivers and older drivers are involved in a disproportionate number of accidents. Young drivers under 21 were involved in 18.6% of all accidents in Missouri and 13.4% of fatal accidents in 2022. In Jackson County, the share was lower: 12% of all accidents and 9% of fatal crashes involved young drivers. 

Older drivers aged 65 and older account for 21% of Missouri licensed drivers. In 2021, 845 people were seriously hurt, and 208 people were killed in collisions involving a driver aged 65 or older in the state. In 2022, older drivers were involved in 33.5% of all Missouri traffic accidents and 40.4% of fatal crashes. 


How Common Are Drunk Driving Accidents in Kansas City?

About 3% of car accidents in Kansas City involved alcohol and/or drugs in 2022. There were 494 DUI crashes in Kansas City. Eight of these accidents were fatal, and 197 crashes caused injuries. 

The cities in Missouri with the most drugged and drunk driving accidents in 2022 are: 

  • Kansas City: 494 crashes, 8 fatal accidents
  • Springfield: 200 crashes, 2 fatal accidents
  • Independence: 111 crashes, 2 fatal accidents
  • St. Charles: 101 crashes, 2 fatal accidents
  • St. Joseph: 84 crashes, 2 fatal accidents
  • Columbia: 70 crashes, 1 fatal accident
  • Lee’s Summit: 65 crashes, 0 fatal accidents
  • St. Louis: 64 crashes, 1 fatal accident
  • O’Fallon: 62 crashes, 0 fatal accidents
  • Norwood Court: 62 crashes, 0 fatal accidents

These accidents all involve not just alcohol but drivers impaired by drugs, including prescription medications and street drugs. Between 2018 and 2020, fatal accidents in the city involving marijuana more than doubled, according to Kansas City police. In 2020, 53% of fatal crashes involved marijuana impairment alone or with another intoxicant. 


How Many Pedestrian Accidents Occur in Kansas City, Missouri?

Pedestrian accidents and bicycle accidents have declined in Kansas City, but remain high. In 2022, there were 268 pedestrian and bicycle accidents in the city, with 21 fatalities. 232 of these accidents caused injuries. Over a five-year period, 13% of all crash fatalities in the Kansas City metro area were pedestrians. 

Kansas City passed Vision Zero in 2020 to address the disproportionate amount of bicyclist and pedestrian deaths. The initiative will involve upgrading traffic signals, improving intersections, adding speed humps, and building 30 miles of protected bike lanes. The goal is to eliminate traffic deaths and serious fatalities by 2030.


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